Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why I Made this Blog and My Passion Towards It

Well okay, the assignment was to explain why we made this blog and your passion for it so just a heads up i'll be talking about that mainly, but I will talk about a place or two as well. Okay lets get into this; well most of you already know why I made this blog and that's because it's what we are working on in modes of writing. My passion towards it would be that I like learning about these types of places because I find them very interesting. They are not like your average pit or forest, they have certain qualities or characteristics that make them stand out and are truly mysterious.... of 20 metres: The Door to Hell – noted for its natural gas fire

Such as the door to hell (above). You don't see something like this every day. Think about it, it's a giant pit of fire! Not to mention it's been burning for 40 years. It's not due to go out for quiet a long time either.Also it is so hot that you can only stand near the edge for a couple of mins because it's so hot. For another example there is the Nazca lines in Peru.

No one knows why these lines are here,but all in all they are pretty cool. There are multiple drawings of random things such as a monkey, a person, and an ant. Hopefully we will be able to find out why these are here, but now we can only guess and question. Well this is the end thanks for reading.

Tim the duck's return

So if you read the first story about Tim the duck, then you will know who he is and what a weird story it was. Now for those of you that hadn't read the story, go back a couple of posts and read it you bum. No, that was bad, I'm sorry I love you, person that's reading this. Anyway here is a picture of Tim the duck.

Image result for mad duck

Yea that's him. I bet your wondering which one he is; well just so you know he's the one on top. Yes he knows how to cruise in style. Oh did I happen to tell you he's on his way to the mysterious lines in Peru. he's heard from a brother from another mother that these line are very interesting and he should see them from the sky. The lines in Peru are called the Nazca lines.
Image result for mysterious lines in peru

So on his way he met a a man selling pickles and he went up to the man and said quack quack. Yea that's right he said quack quack, what do you expect he's a duck he doesn't know English. After he left the man selling pickles he took off in the sky for the lines on the ground. when he went flying into the sky for them he saw an ant just siting there so he went diving for it, but when he got there it was gone.He did this multiple times and he kept missing the ant every time because it just went away when ever he went for it.Well he eventually gave up because on the last time he dove he had a bunch of tourists taking pictures of him and calling him horse. As he was flying away a little boy was like "daddy why is that horse flying away" and his dad replied" cause nature calls boy, nature calls." Well this is the end of Tim's adventure for today hope you enjoyed it.