Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Get to Some of These Mysterious Places

Alright, this is the blog where I tell you how to get to some of the mysterious places around the world. All I need is your attention (and a small fee of 500 dollars). Don't worry that was a joke. So for the first place we have the Easter Islands. One of the most common ways to go there is by plane. The cheapest price I found was about 2,000 dollars. You would have to get on a plane to Santiago, and then once you get there you would have to get on another smaller plane and fly to Easter Island from there.
Image result for easter island bodies 

Easter Island Heads (bodies don't look like that, it's a joke)

Blood Falls is next on our list. You can't catch a plane to this area because it is deep in Antarctica. Now I can't even find a way to get there on the internet, so my best bet on how to get there is to go to Antarctica. There are flights to Antarctica, but the best time to go there is in Tour Season because all other times it is dark and really cold.
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Blood Falls

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Finally, we have the Door to Hell. This is located in Turkmenistan.

First you can take a plane to Turkmenistan, and then you pay for a tour vehicle to take you to it. Now keep in mind this is a very dangerous site, so I would not recommend bringing children. Be very careful around here because if you fall in there is a very high chance you will die. Other than that it is a very cool place to go to, but remember it will be very hot because it’s in the desert and it’s a giant pit of fire so yea, it’s hot.

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  1. Glad you let us know how to get to some of these great places you are so interested in! It seems like you would have to have at least five grand set aside if you planned on going out and travelling to any of these places though. Any other cheaper or closer crazy site we can visit preferably in the U.S.?