Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Get to Some of These Mysterious Places

Alright, this is the blog where I tell you how to get to some of the mysterious places around the world. All I need is your attention (and a small fee of 500 dollars). Don't worry that was a joke. So for the first place we have the Easter Islands. One of the most common ways to go there is by plane. The cheapest price I found was about 2,000 dollars. You would have to get on a plane to Santiago, and then once you get there you would have to get on another smaller plane and fly to Easter Island from there.
Image result for easter island bodies 

Easter Island Heads (bodies don't look like that, it's a joke)

Blood Falls is next on our list. You can't catch a plane to this area because it is deep in Antarctica. Now I can't even find a way to get there on the internet, so my best bet on how to get there is to go to Antarctica. There are flights to Antarctica, but the best time to go there is in Tour Season because all other times it is dark and really cold.
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Blood Falls

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Finally, we have the Door to Hell. This is located in Turkmenistan.

First you can take a plane to Turkmenistan, and then you pay for a tour vehicle to take you to it. Now keep in mind this is a very dangerous site, so I would not recommend bringing children. Be very careful around here because if you fall in there is a very high chance you will die. Other than that it is a very cool place to go to, but remember it will be very hot because it’s in the desert and it’s a giant pit of fire so yea, it’s hot.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A view on an interesting book

Okay so the book I am reading is Geographica. It is a book that is like 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and 5 inches thick. By the way, those are just estimates, point being that it’s a big book. It is interesting though because it talks about almost everything in the world and it has some very nice pictures in it. Yes, I did read it and no, I did not just look at the pictures and be like ooooo that looks purty.
(The Book)

The book itself is made by Philippa Sandall. The most interesting part was when it talked about all of the stone heads on the Easter Islands.Like who made the heads and why were they made? The information in the book is pretty accurate because I will read some things in it and would look up what I'm reading about, on the internet and it would show almost the exact same information. Now the author herself had strong feelings toward learning about the world and she wanted to make a book about things from around the world like different cultures from ours. As I had said before, the author is Philippa Sandall and she has been very thorough in explaining things about certain areas like that there are 887 stone heads on the waster Islands. Not to mention how life is like in Africa and how much closer to the nature they are than us here in America.
Easter Island Heads

The information in this book is very useful in many ways because it not only talks about things from all around the world, but it also has maps of all of the countries and it goes ahead and shows you all of the states and big cities. It is broken into chapters in categories like North America and South America, then you also have Africa, Europe, and Asia. Lastly, I have no idea how this book compares to others in this genre, but I can't imagine it getting better.
Philippa Sandall is the editor of the University of Sydney Human Nutrition Unit’s GI Newsletter In which it has more that 120,000 subscribers. She also has wrote a book called The Ultimate Guide to Sugars And Sweeteners.

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