Thursday, January 8, 2015


Door to hell (name of area) Google images

Have you ever wondered if there are mysterious places here on earth that would be rather cool to visit or learn about? Well I certainly have, that's why I typing this up. Anyway there are places around the world that are interesting yet mind boggling why they are like that, I am here to share that information with you.

First we have the Door to Hell(above). This is a pit that measures a diameter of 70 meters (230 ft),a width of 60 meters (200 ft) and to a depth of about 20 meters (66 ft). It is a natural gas field in Ahal ProvinceTurkmenistan that has been set on fire by soviet engineers. It has been burning for four decades after being set on fire, and it's not due to go out for quiet awhile.

 natural oddities
Blood Falls (Google images)

Another interesting place are the blood falls. Don't worry it's not real blood! These falls were first discovered by the Australian geologist Griffith Taylor and are rather hard to get to because they are in Antarctica. The fall's liquid is made of iron-oxide, tainted salt water.If I ever had the chance I would definitely go to see this up close.

Hoia Baciu Forest Google images

Finally the last one for this post, Hoia Bacju Forest. So the locals say that this forest (that has a circular meadow in the middle) is a portal and those that go into it may never come back. Some that have come out have said that the suffered from nausea and anxiety, saying that the trees were straight ,but then bent over.People have also reported seeing extraterrestrial being in this forest. It is considered the Bermuda Triangle of Europe.

Well that's it for this post I might do another one, so until then good bye.


  1. sorry about the white spots if you highlight it you can see the words

  2. great post! I have never heard of the Door to hell before and this made me look into it deeper! have you ever heard of the great blue hole in Belize? or the Nazca lines in Peru? i say check them out

  3. this is really cool. great images and awesome descriptions. never heard of any of thous places. they seem supper cool.

  4. Wow, I think this is a very interesting topic. It would be very cool but scary to go visit this places. I didn't knew this places existed. Great post!

  5. this is awesome i have never seen or heard of anything like these i cant wait to see some of your future posts! great pictures to those are super cool places you should talk about the door to hell picture in one of your future posts. i would totally love to read that.

  6. I love it geo,you wrote in a way that makes me want to keep reading.You'r topic is so interesting and different, just looking at your first picture had me pulled in.I love your pictures and how you keep asking questions, you actually put your own thought and emotion into it.

  7. Dude you really got me interested in wanting to find more. The images where rally cool and made me want to visit them. I want to know more about that forest it sounds cool but yet creepy.

  8. This is an amazing topic. The images that you got help explain what that place is so much more. Cant wait to read more.

  9. This is an amazing topic. The images that you got help explain what that place is so much more. Cant wait to read more.